Welcome to My Ancestor Chart - Unique 6 Generation Wall Chart Creator
My Ancestor Chart is a database program that has the ability to quickly and easily create distinctive six generation pedigree wall charts suitable to frame and display in your home. It is unique in that there are fields to include birth/christening, marriage, death/burial dates and places for all 62 ancestors, plus up to six siblings. There are positions for  37 color portraits, a family crest and several background colors, all in one compact landscape design. Your own or our clipart images can be used if ancestor portraits are not available.

The wall chart has been designed to be printed and displayed in a standard 18” x 12” or larger  frame. However with the included pdf conversion utility charts can be shrunk or expanded to suit any standard paper size such as A2, A3, A4, and quarto, ledger etc. All ancestor details can be entered directly on the wall chart template or a generation view and can be updated at any time. 

Click here to see a sample My Ancestor Chart.   397k 
Adobe Reader required.   

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        Price Au$10 
or approx. US$9.50, UKŁ4.50, Cn$9.70, NZ$11.90
                  (All prices subject to small currency variations)   
Your confirmation email will provide a link to download the My Ancestor Chart software.   Please also use the links at left to download the printer plugin PDF995 and Adobe Reader 6 if needed.


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