Certificates for Irish Citizenship Application

Do you need certified copies of birth and marriage records which are suitable for application for Irish citizenship?

Our Dublin researcher will search for the birth and marriage records required for your application for Irish citizenship. If found, the required certified copies of the records will be forwarded to you.

The following criteria apply to qualification for Irish citizenship.

A person whose mother or father was an Irish citizen at the time of his or her birth is automatically an Irish citizen (subject to completion of procedures in certain cases). A person whose grandfather or grandmother, but not his or her parents, were born in Ireland may become an Irish citizen by registering in the Foreign Births Register (FBR) at an Irish Embassy or Consular Office or at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin. There are also certain circumstances whereby a person can obtain Irish citizenship through his or her great-grandfather or grandmother. The following might help to explain the situation:

A (Born in Ireland) Irish Citizen

B (Child of A - not born in Ireland) Irish Citizen

C (Child of B/grandchild of A) Must register in Foreign Births Register

D (Child of C/great-grandchild of A) May register for Irish citizenship, provided that C had registered by the time of D's birth

NOTE: If C has registered prior to 31st December 1986, D would be able to register at any time. The Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act, 1986 introduced a provision whereby registration in the Foreign Births Register after the aforementioned date granted citizenship from the date of registration only.

Dual or multiple citizenship - Irish law does not require that a person give up any other citizenship or citizenships he or she may hold when acquiring Irish citizenship.

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